Let’s just jump right into the photos, eh?

This is Ashley, a young woman with a ton of potential who has taken part of the offer I posted about last week. She doesn’t have a ton of modeling experience, but as I’m sure you’ll all agree…you can’t tell.

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She did a fantastic job with her facial expressions, absolutely captivating.

After Ashley and I finished her session, I left Columbia for Kansas City and Heather (not my fiancee) met me for a photo shoot that we planned on a whim.

With less than a day to prepare she still showed more prepared than 90% of the people I work with. As a professional photographer on a tight schedule I can’t tell you how great that is. I like to work quickly, in fashion photography you have to catch the energy when it’s there. I suppose that is true for all photography really but, it is very difficult to bring energy back into a dead studio.

Heather took off, and it was Shelby’s turn to strut.

Talk about fun. I love being able to say “ok, now give me a growl” and have someone do the exact thing I saw in my head.

So the day began at 10am, and wrapped up over twelve hours later with Stephanie as the last model for the session.

Stephanie and I have worked together before when she was just starting out. I was extremely impressed by the improvement in her self-awareness in relation to the camera. That is a very important quality to have for any model.

Though there are hundreds more images than what you see here, I am wrapping up this entry. I will post more soon, and keep your eyes peeled. Big news is on the horizon.

David Bickley, Professional Photographer

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