As you all know there are times where I shoot work that I can’t show right away. Sometimes the company asks me not to, or the magazine, or even the models. That’s no problem at all, it just makes the days that I get to release the work that much more exciting for me.

So here are three that just came back to me.

The top two images were published in Ultra-Fit, a magazine that is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand. The model is Obi Obadike, a man with some serious abs. Well deserving of the title “most ripped fitness model in the world.”

The next shot is from the interior of the magazine “Physique” in Dubai that my work was on the cover of.

This is from that same issue, and is really just a mirror of the cover photo. Anyway, that’s all I have that I can show you right now. There will be more soon.


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