I had the pleasure earlier this month of photographing two photographers from Iowa. Sarah and Erin came down on a Saturday and spent the weekend with me snapping who knows how many frames.

The first location we went to was an open field with an abandoned home and some rusted out vehicles. It had been pretty sunny the week of the shoot so I figured that it would be pretty easy to get in and out. I was definitely wrong.

You wouldn’t know it from the photographs but, it was insanely muddy. I didn’t realize this until I had already driven my poor car halfway up the sludge-like road leading to the location, parked and tried to get out. So, fifteen minutes later when I’ve gotten my car back on solid ground we get to start shooting.

After that little hang up things went pretty smooth. It’s a bit awkward for us photographers to be in front of the camera but, Sarah and Erin got used to it and I think we made some great photographs as a result.

We moved on to downtown Columbia after we cleaned up from the mud pit. I think that giant metal staircases and back alleys make some of the most interesting images.

There is so much color and grit in old buildings and dirty streets. How could you not make a photograph from it?

A lot of people want to restore old buildings and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for preserving history. I just think that broken down structures are a beautiful thing.

Overall, I had a great time working with Sarah and Erin. They are very kind, interesting people.

If you want to check out their work you can find them at www.thelocketonline.com

Thanks for coming out ladies, it was fun.

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