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ATTENTION: This site is in active development. I like working with the garage door open, which means you're free to come in and wander around, but, all sorts of stuff is currently "broken," or not quite in the "right" place yet.

If you're wondering, I do this for transparency, and as a crazy powerful motivator to haul-ass and get it done.



Eight years. That's how long this space sat dormant, lonely, forgotten. Once a bustling hub now reduced to a relic.

It was the linchpin of my creative enterprise; my golden goose...

And then I vanished.

Left without a trace.

I was restless, disenchanted with the creative economy, looking for answers to why — even in fame — I still felt like a prisoner.

So I set out on a quest for more.

Full disclosure, I'm still on it.

This isn't just a website you've stumbled upon; it's an expression of the larger, longer journey — my vault of victories, losses, and lessons learned.

(Hand-crafted with love, in Django, because I needed a Python lab.)

Around here, "Work in Progress" isn't a disclaimer; it's a badge of honor. Iteration is my philosophy — and I prefer to let you see what that process looks like in real-time.

If you want to know more, start here.


[ Current Projects ]


What began as a beer-fueled bet has become an all-out adventure. This is more than a marketing case-study; it's a living chronicle of the journey.

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Game Dev: Yr.2

After an inspiring year in game development, I'm diving deeper now into complexities and exploring the boundaries of real-time interactive experiences.

Coming Soon
Project 4


An introspection on the paradox of zoos, exploring awe, overlooked emotional costs, and the line between captivation and captivity.

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[ Articles ]

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From Vision to Venture

Venture into a landscape where setbacks are just scenery on the road to triumph. Track two entrepreneurs and decode the high-speed formula for resonating with your audience.

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Fitness Photography

Pixels & Profits

Tired of your game collecting digital dust? This comprehensive guide has your game marketing needs covered. Learn to decode analytics, captivate audiences, and craft stories that sell.

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