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Well, as per usual it’s been about a month since my last update on here. 2010 is fast approaching and you can bet that just like last year “update more frequently” will be on my list of resolutions. At least I’m consistent, right? It’s 5am and I’m ready to ramble!

So what’s new?

Very good question… If you haven’t heard yet, on October 8th I was voted the best portrait photographer in Kansas City! Naturally I’m pretty excited about that. I didn’t realize I had so many fans. It’s been quite the surreal experience.

Melissa Childress

Aside from that coolness I taught at a fellow photographer’s workshop in the beginning of October. I absolutely love doing things like that. I get to meet great people and help them learn about new ways to look at their craft, their work-flow and their business… tons of fun. Plus I get to do some shooting too, and we all know I like that at least a little bit.

Johanna Holdworth

Overall I’d have to say that life is good. Sokah is huge, and healthy. I am medium-sized and healthy as well. I have some work coming up in a few magazines which I believe will be out before the end of 2009. I can’t be totally sure but I think one will be out next week. I’ll scan the pages or something when they hit so I can keep you all in the loop (it’ll have to be the ‘or something’ option since I don’t recall owning a scanner anymore).

Jigs Fashion

Oh! I just remembered. One of my clients from earlier this month, Brad Sarver, caught a huge gig from the portfolio shots I took for him! Out of a pool of hundreds Brad was cast for a TV commercial with a major auto maker. How cool is that?

I don’t know which of my shots did it for him but here is the star himself:

Brad Sarver

Brad Sarver

We’re shooting again at 2pm today to round out the rest of his portfolio. After that, I’m going to get started on my book.

That’s right.

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a book on Photoshop techniques aimed at high-level users. I haven’t decided yet on if I’m going to limit it to one subject (ie. people, products, etc.) or if I’m going to make it all inclusive. So far the former seems to be the most likely.  If you have anything specific that you’d like to learn about, let me know and I’ll at least answer you directly even if your question doesn’t make it in the book.

Brittany Nedblake

Given how long it takes me to crank out a new blog entry I can’t really say how long it’s going to be before I finish this project…but it’s gonna happen. I have a feeling that once I get going on it, I’ll finish quite a bit quickly. On the same note, If there is enough interest I’ll start doing some video tutorials for you all as well.

I know more has happened this month, but for now I can’t remember anything else. My brain is trying to write chapter one of my book instead of wrapping up this entry with something resembling wit.

Anyway public, I hope each of your lives are going well.

Until next time…Keep the faith.