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Here we are once again for my semi-bi-monthly-ish blog post! According to my intended New Years resolutions this is my last month to let this thing slack off, right? Right.

So what’s been going on in your worlds?

Mine has been all over the place. Right now I’m in the midst of searching for an agent to take some of the weight of representing myself off of my shoulders. I think it’s time for the help. There’s lots of work going on as usual. The latest news is that my work is being published here in Kansas City on a monthly basis now and one magazine is planning on publishing a feature about me around spring time.

I’ve expanded to include food photography though I won’t be posting any of it until after the shots go public. I know…so mysterious. 

Sokah is huge and goofy, not to mention a great model for geeky dog photos.

Sokah is Cassanova

This has been a week of firsts for him. First time seeing snow, and the first time around a fire. We were outside the other night for close to 2 hours while he tried to eat and pounce on every single snow flake after which I built a fire and we all fell asleep in front of the fireplace. Awesome night.

This was his expression about both:

Sokah is watching you undress

Anyway, busy as I’ve been this is a slow season and I’m plenty anxious for it to warm up already. I recently discovered that my studio lights aren’t fond of freezing temperatures. Thankfully I always have a backup plan so everything still worked out beautifully. There is a lesson in this for all you budding photographers out there though.

Always test your gear before a session!

In my case the temp dropped 15 degrees in an hour so I couldn’t do much. That’s why having plans b, c, and d in line is the second part of the lesson. I think the saying goes something like “Luck favors the prepared.”

On an unrelated note, Brad came in for another shoot since my last post. Did a great job as usual and got two more castings right after the shots went up. Awesome!

Brad Sarver 

Take note aspiring models, more often than not it’s a simple matter of getting a better portfolio that will boost the amount of work you’re bringing in. Don’t shy away from investing in your dream. The right photographs can literally change your career.

With that said, I’m wrapping this up. Today is my birthday and I apparently am supposed to put work away now.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, I can’t wait to show you the rest of what I’ve been up to!