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I was approached by Abbey about a month ago to do a shoot to help broaden her portfolio, and as you all know, I love revamping portfolios. I don’t know what it is about those projects that really gets me going.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I get to look at what they have, and listen to where they want to be, then help them get there. A lot of artists (yes models are artists) get stuck in a certain way of doing things. It may be a certain look, a specific feel in the way they present themselves, a style of clothing or design, or something as simple as using one particular color a lot.

Each of those things can be great to help establish a recognizable style but if you don’t diversify, you end up getting pigeon-holed like Jason Biggs (American Pie).

Knowing this, when people like Abbey approach me wanting to work together, I go through their existing body of work to see what I can offer. In Abbey’s case she has plenty of photos of her in a studio setting. Her hair is styled, her makeup is done, the lighting is controlled…everything is in its place.

Here is the deal with an abundance of images like that though. It’s not a natural setting, and you don’t look like you do on a normal day. Most agencies want to see a clean shot with minimal makeup.

Remember that.

Abbey did a great job, she and her mom were a blast to hang out with for a few hours, very nice people.

Abbey, if you’re reading…Thanks a lot for coming out, you did fantastic.