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Amanda is a wonderful young lady that I am considering using as a stylist in my upcoming fashion photography plans.

She recently hired me to be her wedding photographer. It was an absolute blast. Quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had on a wedding shoot.

I got lots of exercise from traversing multiple floors with several pounds of cameras hanging from my neck. I lost 160 pounds, seriously. I weight 25 pounds now. Now I look like a garden gnome.

Donations of pointy hats, anyone?



Back to the story.

I think it’s interesting to see the tidal waves of emotion eb and flow, from moment to moment. I will not show those here though. The moments of nervous tears are hers.

The makeup held up true to it’s reputation. She couldn’t stop looking, with thoughts I can’t imagine when she saw herself as a bride for the first time.

And neither could he.

Her brother tells me after the ceremony that he’s in the Army. He had to pull a lot of strings, do a lot of grunt work to get here to walk his sister down the isle.

Good man. He’s probably back to his station now. It was definitely worth the trip. Something nobody will forget. Except maybe this little ham.

He somehow managed to be everywhere my camera pointed. It was almost superhuman. Eventually, it became time for the Bride and Groom portraits. Some time away from the crowd came as a breath of fresh air for them. Working the way I do, it offered them some time to enjoy each other’s company, undisturbed.

It’s interesting, some people even when surrounded by a crowd, can still manage to be alone.

To have a moment to themselves, unnoticed, except by me. Probably because it’s my passion to notice what others overlook.

Or don’t expect.

Moments happen they come fast.

They leave faster.

You have to grab them, force them to stay, lest you forget how you felt at that defining moment.

Otherwise it will flitter by. Fading like a black t-shirt in a tub of bleach 50 years from now.

I’ve posted a preview of Andy and Amanda’s album design for you all to see. Check it out here

David Bickley, Professional Photographer