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Well folks, it’s over.

Succinct right?

Barack Obama is the next president of the United States. Many fears went by the wayside. Many individuals changed some deep rooted views. Personally, I am glad for this. It may turn out that those of us that voted Obama into office were wrong. Maybe his lesser amount of experience will be to our detriment. Then again, maybe that lack of time served will show us a man untainted by the same corruption that is a disease in the heart of our country.

Great leaders are forged in strife.

The election is over, but our job isn’t done. Those of us that wanted a new direction for our country have won a small fight today, but it cannot stop there. As citizens of the U.S. it falls squarely on our shoulders to move the country consistently in the right direction. It is our responsibility to demand change, as we have done today, and we must continue to demand the right path.

If we want a greener planet, it falls to us to find a way. It falls to us to shut off the lights, and carpool to work. If we want a war to end, we must make it end.

Do whatever you must do to move the country in the direction that is best for the people, all of the people. If that means you work to become a senator, do it. If you can make an engine that gets better gas mileage, build it.

The country is crying out to move forward, and we are the vehicle to take it there. Government has no power that the people do not grant it.

As Americans we must understand… We must take responsibility now, or this small stride will be in vain.