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Well ladies and gents, if you’ve been following along today then you already know I worked very hard to bring you the images you’re about to see. After the other week when I missed the opportunity in Kansas City, there was no way in hell this one at Mizzou in Columbia was getting by me.

So, after a tremendous amount of effort, negotiating and professional photographerism (new word), I made absolutely sure I got in to this one.

Some of you know what it took, the rest of you are going to have to stand in astonishment cause I’m not coming up off the secret. I even chatted up the Secret Service. Secretly.

Let me start by giving you some perspective on the number of people that came to see Barack Obama at the Carnahan Quad here in Columbia, Mo.

There were a lot.

I know that many of these people, and probably many of my readers are not supporters of Barack Obama. Especially since Missouri is still a heavily contested state, but as I’ve been saying all day long though, it’s not often that you get to be present for something so very important to our history. So regardless of who you support, it’s still cool to see.

Obviously both Barack Obama and John McCain are extremely important people right now, and one of them will continue to be extremely important to our future soon. So how could you not want to be there? Yet, even if it had it been someone like Steven Segal, who I have no real desire to meet, I would have gone to see him as well. Why? The same reason, because they are prominent personalities, and well, why not?

I feel like I have to be a bit careful here. After all, this is a site who’s purpose is to promote my business and keep current and prospective clients in the loop as far as what I’m up to. That being said it’s not usually a good idea to potentially alienate people by forcing your views into their mind.

That’s not what I’m trying to do.

When it comes down to who you vote for in the coming election…I don’t care. It’s your choice, and hopefully you are making it after having educated yourself on whatever you need to know.

What I pray for above anything else is that people aren’t voting a certain way out of fear or prejudice.

Sure, Barack Obama’s name comes from another country. Yes, his middle name is Hussein.

So what?

Does that make him a terrorist? No.

Furthermore, when did the Middle East and terrorism become synonymous? There are terrorists from other places.

My name is David. Does that mean that I am a king? Did I kill a giant? Have I ever been a serial killer?

No. No. No.

I’m sure there are “Johns” in the world that have done some rotten things. Unfortunately the only John that comes to mind is Holmes, and lets be real here… there is no way in hell John McCain has been, is, or ever will be in porn.

God I hope I’m right on that one.


Anyway all I’m saying is please, whoever you are supporting…make sure you are supporting them for the right reasons. I mean that sincerely, even if you are writing yourself in on the ballot. Do it because that is the right decision. Not because of a prejudice that should have died out centuries ago.

Evil deeds are what make bad people. Not their age, sex, or skin color. I feel like a lot of people are forgetting that and letting an irrational fear govern their behavior.

The next leader of this country should be someone who can pull our society together for a greater purpose. They should be able to drive us further than we thought we could go. America is in trouble. We can all feel it. There is absolutely no denying that we are in a much different place than we were 8 years ago.

Whether you like where the country is now or not, whether you agree with what I’m saying or not, every election is a way to shape our country, and we as it’s citizens are responsible for shaping it the way it needs to be.


Just in case you were wondering.

I would have given and will give the exact same amount of attention to McCain, or any other candidate in the race should I have the opportunity.

As always, I hope each and every one of you are doing well.

All the best,