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Lots of cool stuff in the pipes folks. Since the launch of the new site several things have happened.

1.) A local college has asked me to come speak at a fashion design class about fashion photography and the fashion industry.

2.) I will be speaking at two middle schools about my career as a professional photographer and designer.

3.) Two of the free photography sessions I was offering were donated to the Missouri Heart Gallery to help foster children find a home (unfortunately I will not be able to show you those photographs, but I will post the gallery tour schedule so you can attend if you like).

4.) The fine folks at asked to interview me for my new portfolio at The interview hasn’t been posted yet but I will post a link to that as well so you can all revel in my dorkiness.

5.) Two projects that I worked on at my former agency won Silver Addy’s (an advertising award). One of them was my very first project for that agency (The logo for a company called Purple Tree Technologies, I am also responsible for the web design for that company). One client that I did some web programming work for, took best in show for their trade publication campaign. Kudos to the whole team for their hard work.

6.) My current agency also won two Addy’s, one silver and one gold.

7.) I also gave this blog a face-lift. I will be trying to rotate it out every few months.

Cool stuff all around.

I am a man with plans, and there will be plenty more to announce soon.

Until then, take care.

David Bickley, Professional Photographer