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A few beers and a compelling bet later, and I find myself tasked with answering the question: How far can one widely-skilled entrepreneur (me, obviously) take a humble $200, without asking for additional investments?

After 5 years — and counting — I can say… pretty damn far.

(Right now, the button below links to Wabbit. Later, once this site is done, I’ll publish a living case study here.)

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GameDev Yr.1

In late 2022 I decided to take my lifelong love of games to its logical conclusion, by learning how to design and program them from the ground up.

What I’ve learned might surprise you.

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research & development

Bespoke Product Configurators

Is it possible provide an end-to-end solution for real-time product customization on and off the showroom floor?

What if we could take these customizations, whether completed or abandoned, and attach them to a customer’s CRM profile in any modern marketing system?

I think it sounds compelling too.

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Completely unrelated to my career, this ongoing project explores my paradoxical relationship with the modern zoo. 

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