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Had a quick make up session today from the sets for The Garnier Group.

Headshot by David Bickley Photography

Today’s model wasn’t able to make it last time because he had viral meningitis! Scary stuff.

I’m not one to get squeamish about much but the idea of a spinal tap just….ahhhhhh! I know that you have no idea what face that thought makes me make, so imagine being forced to sit in the snow in your underwear while someone scratches their nails loudly on a chalkboard and another equally sadistic person shows you lewd photos of your grandparents.


It’s kinda like that.

…I have no idea where that scenario came from by the way…I wonder what that means.

Hahaha anyway I need to get back to editing now but I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

See you tomorrow,