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I got approval and now I can tell you all about the awesome news!

Status Fitness Magazine is giving away 20 photoshoots , 10 guys, 10 girls for their “Day of Recognition” as prizes at the 2011 WBFF Central US Championship.

Status Fitness Magazine, "Day of Recognition" promo poster. Design and Photography by David Bickley Photography

Seeing design work on here is a little uncommon, but this gets a pass for a few reasons. I designed the poster, the photos (except for the magazine image) are my images, I’ll be the photographer shooting the 20 athletes, and it’s a seriously huge deal for everyone involved!

I keep trying to tell people, if you’re in fitness and want to get exposure the WBFF is where you need to be. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the impact this will have on the people involved.

There’s still lots of work to do tonight so I’m out for now. Hope you’re all doing well.

See you tomorrow,