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Today is my official relax day before WBFF week really kicks off over here.

Sheryl Bridgewater for David Bickley Photography

It’s like my body knows what’s ahead too cause I slept HARD last night. Most people say things to me like a sarcastic “rough job man” pretty often, and granted it’s nothing like cleaning out a sewer or building a castle but the work can still takes a toll regardless, especially when you consider that I’m booked solid with maybe 10 minutes between sessions where I can shove a sandwich in my mouth. I love what I do though, and that makes those long busy days more than bearable.

I may need to buy some extra storage from my computer though, I’ll probably end the week with 100gb or more of images to sort through.

For those of you that don’t know…that’s a lot of photos, let’s say 5,000+

I’m excited.

See you tomorrow,