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I totally almost forgot to post today!

James Hanton for David Bickley Photography

Also, I’m behind on keeping my word. Two days ago I said I’d get those show images up. Said I wouldn’t sleep until I did…and then I passed out.

Nevertheless, the morning show images are done. All that’s left is getting the evening show sorted!

I also forgot that I need to go through my competitor list and add all of them on facebook so I can get the word out once they’re posted. I can tell you this much though, this is the only time it will ever take me this long to process a WBFF show. I have my workflow for these images perfected now so the goal for next time is within 3 days of the event.

Well, next time is Toronto and I won’t edit images on a laptop…so I’ll figure something out there. But next time it’s in KC…3 days. Word.

See you tomorrow,