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So…today was amazing!

Sea World by David Bickley Photography

We went to SeaWorld, but got to do way more than the average visitor. Through a friend of a friend we were taken behind the scenes of the entire park and got to interact with a ton of the animals at a one-on-one level. We held a baby kangaroo, a macaw, and an owl monkey.

An owl monkey that peed on me…and then kissed me on the lips.

I was surprised to find that SeaWorld had more than just marine exibits. There was an amazing show that was put on with shelter animals that had been rescued by the park and trained to do some seriously incredible things.

Somewhere along the adventure my sunblock went on strike so I have the world’s coolest sunburn. Thank God for genetics, I’ll be fine tomorrow. Still, not cool Banana Boat. Not cool.

The entire park was a great experience, but nothing compared to seeing a whale up close. I think the only thing that will top that is when I inevitably get to Atlanta and dive with the whale sharks in their aquarium.

That’s all for now.

See you tomorrow,