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Apparently I did it again. Yesterday’s post was done and posted as far as I knew, but again I hit the wrong button and it never went up. So, that’s fixed now and as a result it appears as if we did two posts today. Sorry about that!

Sarah Mazalo for David Bickley Photography

I spent the day with fellow photographer and friend, Noel Daganta, at his workshop today. It’s so weird how it happened too. We had been talking about hanging out while I’m in the area and somehow I randomly ended up helping at his event. It was a blast. As many of you already know, I love to teach. In fact I would say that the love of teaching someone to take a photograph almost trumps my love of actually taking the images myself.

The workshop was a basic course on single-light setups, the photographers that attended were varied in skill level but each shared a lack of studio experience. Over the course of 5 hours each photographer was given the chance to work with every model in various situations with various modifiers and everyone did a great job. On top of that they got to see how both Noel and myself work behind the camera which was great for those that struggled with directing.

After the day was done Noel and I took the models for another hour or so with each of us behind the lens. A great end to a great day cause I was itching to let loose and shoot after 5 hours of only snapping a frame here and there.

I’m out for now.

I highly recommend checking out Noel’s work at

See you tomorrow,