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Today was pretty amazing. So much so that it makes me realize that I’m running out of descriptors. Amazing, awesome, cool, stellar…I need a thesaurus.

Before I tell you why…here is today’s image.

Cassie Rupp for David Bickley Photography

I’m not sure that I’ll be posting images from today for a little while. I need to shop them around first. I’ll tell you a bit about the day though.

For starters, the shoot was with IFBB pro Jerome “Hollywood” Ferguson. Somehow we both managed to have a free hour or so to set up this impromptu session at Gold’s Gym in Venice, otherwise known as “The Mecca of Bodybuilding.” This is the first Gold’s Gym and it has been around since 1965. Luck was definitely on our side. Given that this was a spontaneous session nobody had asked the gym if we could come in. Yet we did, and without a hitch.

The shoot was awesome, very fast paced and definitely fun. Something about that environment just makes you work harder.

That said, I still have lots to do.

Oh, and for those of you that don’t know who Jerome is. Here you go:

See you tomorrow,