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So many things today.

Kyle Clarke for David Bickley Photography

For the past month one of my closest friends has been asking me to come meet his new kickboxing coach. Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but I’ve been in martial arts for basically my entire life…literally as long as I can remember. My friend asked me to come because he knew I’ve been missing it and because he wanted my opinion on the class.

Now that I’m home I was able to go, and today was the day.

The first 2 hours were a lot of drills on basics. That can be pretty monotonous but it’s definitely necessary. After the class though one of the other teachers came over and we all got to talking. Long story short, I was asked to consider coming in to teach. I don’t know if I’ll have the time, but it would definitely be fun.

Anyway, from there I had to come home and change and head right back out for another friend’s bachelor party. Nothing crazy just a lot of go kart racing and steaks. These things were fast! My arms are sooooo sore. I got in there thinking that this was going to be easy, but oh my God was I wrong. I got more of a workout steering the kart than I do at the gym! We all came out of that place soaked in sweat. Kinda gross.

I’m completely wiped out now.

See you tomorrow,