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So, I was almost done with my to-do list today, and then it doubled essentially putting me right back at square one.

IFBB Pro Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson by David Bickley Photography

I’m not upset about this at all, I mean, it’s just evidence that business is going well. It does however feel a little like I got nothing accomplished today despite the reality of the situation. A lot did get done though and that’s awesome, not to mention that I was able to go pick up the newest KC Fitness Magazine which is actually the first issue that I’ve ever broken out of my usual article format and actually said something myself. It’s a little unnerving, let’s be real here…I essentially get to chill out behind my camera. My personality might come through in the images, I don’t know. You would be a better judge of that than I. There’s something different about writing though, something more…I guess vulnerable is the word.

I say this realizing all too well that I write on here everyday, so maybe the feeling about it comes from it being in print. Who knows.

Nevertheless, I’m out there for real now <insert goofy awkward smile here>.

See you tomorrow,