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I think to make up for the fact that I’ve dropped the ball on educating you with amazing facts in the past couple of posts I’m going to show you a “work in progress.” One of my clients asked me to shoot and design his album cover, and this is where we’re at so far.

Brooks Album Concept

There are still some things to be done to clean it up a bit but overall I think this is where it’s going. I don’t think I’ve ever posted an unfinished piece up here before so this is like a milestone or something right?

I seriously doubt it will happen often but I feel like I’m always on here saying how busy I am with no real indication as to what I’m actually working on. I want you to be able to see all of the different projects I’ve got going, it just doesn’t work that way. Someday soon though I’ll get word that another series is out in print and there will be all sorts of new things to post and ramble about!

See you tomorrow,