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Motives by David Bickley Photography

What’s funny about today’s image is that when I selected it I didn’t even think about the potential meaning.


When I started this the motive was to make myself post on a more regular basis. I know myself well enough to say for certain that anything less frequent than posting daily would have failed eventually and about once a month there would be a post apologizing for missing one or two. Now that motive has changed, this thing is a part of my daily process and I keep it going because of you. Those of you that read this blog via my website or an RSS feed don’t get to see the conversations/comments that happen on facebook. I’m still trying to get that sync thing to happen (not working out so far) but it’s really cool to be able to hear from you about the work. Especially when one of you finds inspiration in this body of work.

I’m going to repeat myself a month from now when we hit 2 years of images…but who cares. I want to thank you for your support and for taking the time out of your day to check out what I’m up to over here.

I think I’m going to give something away when we hit 1,000. I’m open to suggestions.

See you tomorrow,