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I delayed today’s post on purpose, so while I’m certainly sorry for making you wait again I had to calm down a bit. See today was my little brother’s wedding…kind-of a big deal. Before I go on with this story (which I will definitely abridge) let me say first that I wasn’t able to be their photographer.

Not out of lack of desire, but because I thought I would be out of state at the Olympia then back to LA and the cost to change plans at the time was too great.

Ross and Destinie Campbell by David Bickley Photography

Well, after the fiasco with Canada going to the Olympia wasn’t going to happen and I opted to delay my other trips….so thankfully I was able to be there to see him marry his wife!

Since we didn’t know where I would be on the wedding day they hired a friend of a friend of a some other relationship photographer, totally not a big deal at all. But today I was asked to bring my camera as well and that’s apparently where the problems began…

I asked first and foremost if they had signed a contract (specifically one saying that nobody else could shoot while the hired photographer was working). This is something that virtually all wedding photographers require. They hadn’t. Then, I introduced myself to the photographer and said to ask me to move if I was in the way in any fashion. Seems alright, right?

Apparently not, I was met with a snide “oh I will don’t worry” to which I smiled and said “awesome, no worries, you’re on the job.” I feel like I’m a pretty friendly guy even when I’m treated poorly so I figured that would be the end of it. Negative.

You know, I was going to go through the whole story…but the more I type the more annoyed I get.

Here’s the bottom line, at one point the photographer’s assistant/husband forcibly puts himself between my camera and my brother so I can’t get an image, and then tried to physically intimidate me into moving from a spot making my family pretty uncomfortable in the process. It doesn’t stop there though. You would think it would, but no. At the reception the assistant/husband after being told repeatedly by the people paying them to be there that I was going to shoot and to drop the issue. Ignoring that he finds me talking with my mom and uncles and decides to berate me there. Saying what amounts to “you’re not being paid to shoot so stop or we have a problem.”

Readers, I’m a very calm person…always somehow able to find the upside to a situation.

I got a little pissed off at this one. I asked his name and the name of his business (which he refused to give me) and told him that this behavior was so incredibly unprofessional that I really couldn’t fathom how he was able to keep working. I mean seriously…you’re hired to photograph a wedding and you start a fight with the grooms brother? What? It took half of the bridal party to convince this guy to stop being an ass and get back to work. Yet it still didn’t stop, this continued for two more hours…and I wasn’t even photographing the reception!

Here’s what I have to say. First and foremost…photographers…if you want absolute control, get a contract and make sure all of your pet-peeves during a session are covered. If you don’t, you don’t have a say in how things go. I’ve seen photographers get sued for making a wedding day miserable due to situations like this. It’s not ok, behave professionally and cover your bases contractually. That should be done before you ever take your first gig.

I was originally going to blast this company on here, but that’s not right…it’s vindictive. The wedding day is over, I never have to interface with that company again…all is well. As long as my brother is happy with his images from them I could really care less about the rest. If he isn’t…well, I have a couple hundred more than the image above for him to look through.

Right now….still appalled though…

I’m sorry for the rant, though I doubt you could blame me.

See you tomorrow,