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I goofed.

You may or may not have noticed but before today we were 3 days away from starting the 3rd year of daily images. Something was amiss though. I could have sworn that I originally started this idea pretty soon after New Year’s Day. Well, I was right. Somewhere around day 120-ish of this year I slipped up and skipped a full 100 days when I was writing the post title!

I can’t just fix the mistake quietly and hope nobody notices, that seems wrong to me somehow. It took about an hour to go in and re-title the messed up posts but at least we’re back to being accurate now.

WBFF Pro Matt Karstetter by David Bickley Photography

In other news, I got word that I can start releasing a few of the images I shot back at the very beginning of June! Expect more over the coming days.

See you tomorrow,