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Got another one of WBFF Pro Matt Karstetter today.

WBFF Pro Matt Karstetter by David Bickley Photography

We know how I am about having to write stuff, I don’t mind doing it but I certainly don’t have much confidence about the quality of the words I put on paper. When I read guys like David Sedaris or George R.R. Martin (hell, even riveting reads like the instructions to my phone) I’m left viewing myself with an overwhelming sense of literary retardation. So it’s pretty incredible to me that I’m still getting emails about the first article of mine published on Maybe I’m just naive but it’s pretty surreal to me. Then again I still get giddy every time my photography is published and I’m dead certain that the feeling will never go away.

I’m going to have to suck it up and write more though because we’ve been talking about writing several more. I’m not sure how much of an authority I am but we all know I’ll rant when I have something to say so who knows what will happen.

See you tomorrow,