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I feel like posting something that isn’t photography today.

Conductor by David Bickley Photography

While looking through some stuff I stumbled across a piece I did a few years ago for a concert series. Since I’ve been a little blocked for the past few days the thought is that something different will inspire me to write about…well, anything. I’m not going to lie to you though, with the move coming up in a few days and all of the work I’ve had on my plate I’m pretty out of touch with current events at the moment. The only thing I’ve heard about as of late is the new flagship camera that Canon announced. I’m pretty sure I had a bet going with at least one other photographer about whether or not we would see a new pro body by the end of the year. I like being right. Definitely not sold on the camera yet though. There appear to be some things missing that I personally find pretty indispensable, but I guess we’ll see when it hits shelves and people start reviewing it.

See you tomorrow,