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Another day of productivity is well underway. Take that world!

Courtney Lace by David Bickley Photography

After thinking about what I said yesterday it dawned on me that I’m kinda retarded. There’s free wifi pretty much everywhere. Duh. So I got all of the stuff that was waiting together and shoved it on a huge USB drive and am now deeply entrenched in distributing said photos. Despite the crumminess outside today is a great day.

The gloom outside inspired me to put up a black and white that goes back to my normal way of doing things. I love the vintage fade on most of the images from this session, but here I wanted more life. After all, a zest for life is what I see in this image. Color didn’t work well though despite how much I wanted it too. Winter is fast approaching and there just wasn’t any real vibrance in this location.

Well, that’s it for now.

See you tomorrow,