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The images over the past few weeks have generated a lot of questions that I half-expected.

Miss Missouri USA Hope Driskill by David Bickley Photography

I think I’ve done pretty well at getting back to everyone that’s had a question, but for those of you that have wondered but haven’t asked…This is the biggest one.

“What action set is that?”

The answer…it isn’t. I never use actions or premade/purchased filters or action sets. What you see on this site is all done by hand, and always by me. I’m pretty against using those methods of editing. I don’t have anything against people that do by any means…it’s just not for me. I’ve always loved the mad scientist method of creating a finished piece. Granted most of what I make doesn’t require a massive amount of editing, but even the little things like making a perfect black and white are so full of variations that I could play with one image all day…and sometimes I do.

Anyway, I’m off.

See you tomorrow,