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I hope all of you photographer friends got the chance to check out Chase Jarvis Live today. If you didn’t, don’t fret I’ll post up the re-watch link tomorrow.

Steven Jarvi conducts the Kansas City Symphony's performance of Handel's "Messiah," Photographed by David Bickley Photography

And…since I’m going back to take more photos of the Kauffman Center in the evening we’ll have more images from that beautiful place on the way as well. I have a pretty exciting concept planned for the am and I’m 93% sure that’s what I’m going to be showing off on here when I get finished with everything. I finally buckled and got a permanent iPhone (I’ve returned every other one cause of the service provider BS) so I’m sure we’ll see some behind the scenes images in instagram and maybe twitter too if I get all this stuff figured out before I go to sleep. Either way, whatever happens…all of this effort is so I can stay better connected with you.

It’s important to me to stay accessible and transparent with my life/career. You never know who you affect, and my goal is to be as obliviously beneficial as possible.

See you tomorrow,