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My first session of the new year and I find it astounding that it’s focus is new life.

New Life by David Bickley Photography

You’ve never seen a maternity photo from me before because it’s something that I wanted to reserve for when I started my own family. However, the fact that the subject is a very good friend of mine and the fact that it’s the first day of the new year caused me to change my mind a bit. This year is going to be a powerful one. You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing programs discussing the economy, natural disasters or the infamous 2012 prophecy. Yet underneath all of that, amidst the resolutions that may or may not be held to, is the spirit of a fresh start. A new life in a new year.

For my friend this year means the beginning of motherhood. For you it probably means something completely different. No matter what the meaning may be, I doubt that I’m the only one who finds himself uncontrollably excited about the next 365.

See you tomorrow,