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What does it take to become successful? That question and the processes behind it’s answers seem like they will be the prevailing theme this year for myself and countless people around me.

Corporate Portrait by David Bickley Photography

I love that I’m in a position to be able to offer some insight to that. Part of what I do outside of photography is help mentor other entrepreneurs through our company BetaBlox. As I’ve said many times, I love to teach. Through teaching we get to help people get to where they aspire to be, and I can’t think of many things more fulfilling than that. Waking up to an inbox full of questions from other photographers, models, artists, etc…is seriously one of the most amazing experiences.

So what do I say when people ask me how to become a successful photographer/whatever? There are a lot of pieces to fostering success, but if I had to limit it to one thing…successful people simply get shit done. They deliver. To me, success happens when you finally say “to hell with the obstacles” and move like a juggernaut towards your goal.

See you tomorrow,