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Today Lyssa and I took a spontaneous trip to Wayside Waifs. We’ve been talking about getting another dog for a while now, and the plan was just to go look.

Apparently they got a shipment of puppies from a rescue in Arkansas this week…

New Puppy

Our plan to “look” didn’t go so well. Isn’t she adorable?

We haven’t decided on a name just yet, but so far Crumb is the name we’ve been using. It’s short for “crumble” which is what she does when you put her in your lap, she goes completely boneless and crumbles into you.

We know she’s Chow and something, but no idea what yet. She definitely doesn’t have the Chow fluff to her.

You can bet that the photos for the rest of the week will be of this little nugget.

See you tomorrow,