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Awesome news today readers…the mobile site is up and running! Special thanks to Brian over at ifolios for helping me save an insane amount of time. Instead of me building the alternate site myself we set it up using their existing format.

Grant Bradshaw for David Bickley Photography

I love how the mobile version looks, I still have some tweaks here and there (like getting the booking software to display correctly with it) but it works across every mobile device I’ve tested it on. The other great thing is that after all of this was completed Brian and the ifolios team offered a discount to all of my readers that wanted something like it for themselves.

I know a lot of fellow photographers follow this blog and I’m beyond excited to help as many of you get mobile ready as I can. I don’t get a cut or anything from those of you that end up using their product, and you know I don’t promote things that I don’t actually use and like.

So here’s what you do. Get over to the ifolios website and read up on what it is and how it works. Then when you go to purchase the theme, you’ll use the coupon code “BICKLEY15” and that will give you $15 off the price. The offer is only good until the end of this month so get on it. Oh and just in case your RSS feed doesn’t pick up the links, the site is

Stop using flash and make your site better for your business.

See you tomorrow,