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We’re leaving tomorrow for the Arnold. In exactly 8 hours actually.

Grant Brandshaw for David Bickley Photography

I’m beyond excited over here. There are so many of you that I’m looking forward to seeing again, and many more that I’m anxious to meet for the first time. Today’s post, and the ones over the weekend are likely going to be shorter than I’d like due to how much is and will be going on. Also, I’m sorry but I can almost guarantee that I won’t have any images from the event up on the blog until after the weekend.

I just won’t process a photo on a laptop screen, there’s too much room for error in the color and I want you to see the best.

The daily post won’t stop though and I still have plenty to show you from my recent sessions so no worries there.

Anyway, back to work with me.

See you tomorrow,