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We’re back in fitness mode with today’s image.

Micah Lacerte for David Bickley Photography

Instead of talking about the shot though, I’d rather mention something else for any of you that have your own website.

You need to track your statistics! This is the marketing side of me talking here obviously but it’s important. Measuring traffic to your site does a few different things. Obviously it will show you how many people are looking at your site, but it can also tell you what people are looking at the most. If you know what content people are most interested in, you can give them more of it. Knowing your customer is paramount and stat tracking will help get to know them better.

Statistics can tell you where your visitors are coming from as well. That’s actually the reason I’m talking to you about this today. Most times I would never know what websites link to me if I didn’t have a way to see where my traffic was coming from. Like today for example, I’m looking through to see how some recent marketing efforts are working out and I see a referral link (a site that directed traffic to me) so I click it to see where the link to my site is.

Turns out that my site is mentioned in an article about creating a professional photo portfolio. Pretty cool information, and something I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t aware of where my traffic came from.

So basically, if you aren’t aware of your traffic, you need to be.

See you tomorrow,