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I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I think I might have spent the best $40 of my life today.

Jeneal Stanley for David Bickley Photography

I’ve been looking for a smaller mp3 player to take with me to the gym (because I’ve never taken music with me to workout). Something that would clip to my clothes rather than have an armband. I already knew about the iPod shuffle, but never really liked the fact that it didn’t have a screen to choose anything from. Enter the Sansa Clip+ I friggin love this thing! The only downside so far is that I can’t sync it with itunes on my PC (apparently they have a plugin for mac though).

I’m about to head to the gym to test it out. As long as it stays attached to me I’m pretty sold (I know, I’m hard to please).

Since I’m so excited to use it, I’m gonna go.

See you tomorrow,