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In my search for new workout music this week, I finally made myself check out DJ Tiesto and grabbed the discography since I had no idea what his best work was.

Unpublished image of Morgan Woolard photographed for Kansas City Magazine by David Bickley

Here’s problem number one. At least 3 of the discs are an hour and a half of one single track. Granted these are mix cds and I suppose that’s kinda the point, but it makes it really difficult to pull one track when I’m trying to make a workout playlist. Problem number two is just that his discography isn’t exactly small so picking and choosing the music that I want for motivation is no small task.

None of my complaints are actually about the music itself, it’s great, which is why picking my favorites for the playlist is so difficult.

So I’m calling on you loyal fans, readers and critics to help me put together a playlist for the history books!

No seriously, if you have any suggestions I’m all ears.

See you tomorrow,