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Should I feel weird about the fact that I get my news from National Geographic and not something like CNN?

Unpublished image of Morgan Woolard photographed for Kansas City Magazine by David Bickley

Don’t get me wrong politics are certainly important, but I would much rather hear about some new space discovery than how a bunch of old men in a room can’t agree. After all, I pretty much already know that congress and the whole political machine is going to do what it canĀ  to make itself more money while my generation faces some serious financial issues. What I don’t know about is why castrated spiders are better fighters than their in-tact counterparts (though, I know now).

I expect to be criticized for this, and that’s totally fine. Let the opinions flow. I’m just tired of hearing about loopholes that allow massive companies to avoid paying taxes, or a bunch of people arguing endlessly about the best way to line their own pockets while hurting everyone else.

I’ll take mummies and space dust instead, thank you.

Done ranting now.

See you tomorrow,