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Had a bit of a scare today when I came home from buying a couple of books for the trip tomorrow.

Unpublished image of Morgan Woolard photographed for Kansas City Magazine by David Bickley

I left for what was no more than an hour, and when I got home the gate to my back yard was open, and Crumpet (a puppy) was nowhere to be found.To make matters worse, she had been messing with her collar (with her ID tag on it) so I took it off while she ran around in the yard.

Yeah…no good.

So I immediately take off on foot around the neighborhood looking for her. Nothing.

Thankfully, a few minutes later my phone rang and it was an Animal Control officer that looked up the microchip information and got my phone number. 15 minutes later I’m at the shelter picking up the scared little puppy.

Talk about stress, sheesh!

Anyway, now that the family is whole again I have loads of work to finish up before we leave tomorrow.

Until then,