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Sorry for the late night post everyone. I’m writing from a hotel in St. Louis and it’s been a busy day.

Unpublished image of Morgan Woolard photographed for Kansas City Magazine by David Bickley

I’ve been doing a lot of research into e-readers lately and find myself stumped on several points. The first and biggest being that in some cases the e-books are more expensive than the printed copies. To me that seems rather, well, greedy. It costs next to nothing to publish an e-book as opposed to a printed and bound copy. So why charge more?

The second is simply the fact that if I were to get one, I wouldn’t really want to have to re-buy books I already own. I feel like if I bought a printed book from Amazon, then the digital version of that book should be free.

It’s still going to be awhile before I jump on the e-reader bandwagon. A thousand books in my pocket seems really cool, I guess I’m just one of those people that likes actual books…and pricing that makes sense.

See you tomorrow,