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Sorry for the late post today everyone, it’s been a little chaotic over here.


We had a shoot first thing this morning, then the new update I was waiting on for the NookColor came out so I spent a couple of hours testing to see if it would do what I had hoped.

It didn’t…not yet anyway.

Then I spent a little more time erasing the entire device and making it work more like an android-based phone…only to realize that in doing so I would be crippling the ereader functionality that I happen to enjoy. So it’s looking more and more like my solution for this plan will involve me getting into app development, or at least finding someone to help execute the idea. I’m not sure I can commit the time it would take to learn enough to do it right.

After all that Lyssa was off work and I had some birthday plans to put in to play for her day. That being said, it’s still b-day time so I’m outta here.

See you tomorrow,