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Had a great shoot this morning with Megan, a new model on my radar.

Megan Dillingham by David Bickley Photography

Yes people, a photo that has something to do with the gibberish I write! That’s her, and she did a great job. We have several images to share from the session.

Aaaaaand what did the UPS guy nearly die trying to bring to my door? My new (antique) goban! For those of you wondering what the hell that is…

Antique Goban with red varnish and gold and silver sparrows on each side

It’s that 45 pound solid block of very very very old wood. This is the traditional board for one of the oldest board games on Earth, Go. I’ve wanted one of these for at least a decade but they are generally very expensive and as I’m sure I’ve said before, I don’t support deforestation. Well, as luck would have it I found this through an antique dealer at a price I just couldn’t pass up, especially considering that it’s at least 100 years old. And now the dream is fulfilled! I was jumping around the house like a little kid for most of the day. It’s a little damaged, and I would really like to get that red finish off of there because the wood is beautiful. But it’s going to be hard to find a woodworker that I’ll trust with it, and I’m a little nervous about what it looks like underneath. Fact is, I’ll probably never have it removed…my luck I would inadvertently destroy some priceless piece of history. No thanks, I’ll just keep it as is and save the integrity of my new family heirloom.

See you tomorrow,