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Well, I missed the keynote presentation from Apple this morning so I don’t know what the iMac line is getting. I did hear about the retina macbook pro though. While I don’t really want to spend the extra thousand, it’s really pretty and I’m in a business where that kind of display matters…so we’ll see.

Phoenix by David Bickley Photography

A flood of emails have come through in the past few days asking about Photoshop classes. I’m not sure what caused the surge, but I’ll address it on here as well.

Right now I don’t have a date set for the next workshop/class. If I were to venture a guess I would lean towards the end of the year. I will of course make an announcement as we get closer to that time. The plan is also to poll and see what you are wanting to learn. There are a lot of options for how to hold these events and I want to make sure I choose the one that lets me help you the most.

See you tomorrow,