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We have a lot to talk about today. Yesterday I mentioned that I would review the Macbook Pro with Retina, and I will…but I think I’m going to make that a completely separate post for simplicity’s sake. At some point later today that will be up. I still have several tortures to put it through first.

Matt Karstetter by David Bickley Photography

Briefly touching on a personal note…you may or may not remember back in September when I was talking about my grandmother’s failing health. Well, she passed away this morning. Thank you in advance for all of the condolences, I appreciate it, really I’m alright. Just a rough time for the family, but I tell you these things because I believe in total transparency and accessibility. Crappy things happen in all of our lives, you just have to keep going.

On a lighter note, from what I understand some new magazines are out with some exciting new work in them. I’m going today to pick them up which means I’ll know what I can finally talk about and what I can’t. Tomorrow’s post will be cool regardless.

Anyway, I need to get back to working on shots and crippling the new laptop so I can report back to you.

Until then,