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I’ve wanted to talk about this for months!

Actor Ed Asner by David Bickley Photography

Back in April I was flown around to photograph a number of well known Kansas City natives. Among them was actor Ed Asner, a man whose work I’ve always enjoyed. From growing up laughing at but not really understanding Mary Tyler Moore on Nick-at-Night (He was Lou) to the emotional roller coaster of his latest movie, Pixar’s “Up,” Asner has been a part of my movie/television life since I graduated from (and ultimately regressed back into) cartoons. I really enjoyed meeting and photographing the man. Thanks have to go out to my own grandfather for the lifetime of experience interacting with confident, trouble-making, hilarious old men. It was a great time.

KC Magazine did me a huge honor by choosing me as the photographer to handle this project. If you’re a Kansas City local head out and pick up the latest issue. There are 3-4 different covers. I will be posting a few more of the unpublished images over the next few days, so stay tuned!

See you tomorrow,