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Is anyone else annoyed by the greeters that banks have started using?

Berry bowl

(nothing to do with strawberries)

I know it’s something strange to be annoyed with, but I feel like it’s unnecessary. If I’m standing in line with a deposit slip and checks why would you come up and ask if I need help? You don’t have a computer and cash drawer tucked away in your pants. What are you going to do? I always say “I’m just making a deposit, thank you though.” and they always tell me just to hop right into the line that I’m already standing in.


I want to get paid to state the obvious.

The thing is, I know they aren’t there to make me feel welcome. They are there as a deterrent. Someone to subtly say “Hey. Yeah you. I’m going to ask you stupid questions so if you’re thinking about robbing us you know that I’ve got my eyes on you. I’m not paying enough attention to you to notice anything relevant like the deposit slips or your place in line, but I’m watching you. So watch it!”

I like being welcomed into places, and I feel like a cranky old man saying this but the annoying, overbearing, all-up-in-my-personal-bubble bank greeter has got to go.

See you tomorrow,