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Last week I held a contest where the winner would receive a free headshot session with me.

Holly Starr by David Bickley Photography

Today our winner, Holly Starr, came in for her session. She killed it don’t you think? Working with people that spend a lot of time in front of a camera is always interesting for me. Almost like it’s more challenging than someone that isn’t photographed often. I say that not because of their respective abilities or presence in front of a camera…but rather due to the presence of their past images. In my mind I’m up against everyone that has ever photographed them and my goal is not only to make a better, more effective image for my client, but also to let that image plant the question “why did I ever use someone other than David.”

I know, I’m competitive. It’s a pressure that doesn’t exist anywhere but in myself. Boy does it fire me up though.

See you tomorrow,