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Hello KC, I’m back! What a weekend. We shot so many images that I haven’t even looked at the final count yet.

WBFF Bikini Pro Chady Dunmore by David Bickley Photography

I have to say a huge thanks to everyone involved in the event. My amazing models: WBFF Pro Alisa Sharp Kress, WBFF Pro Jen Jewell, WBFF Pro Neda Iranpour, and Alicia Lozano. Marisol Lara, who is responsible for the hair and makeup.

And then of course WBFF Bikini Pro Chady Dunmore (pictured above) for being a great friend first and foremost, but also a wonderful person to work with and a pillar of motivation for anyone around her…not to mention a just plain breathtaking model.

Thank you all for doing me the honor of bringing me out to photograph you.

…and Sid…thank you for being generally awesome. Happy birthday bud, it was great to meet you.

Now that I’m done with my Grammy-esque speech, I’m going to get some sleep. There’s lots to do this week!

See you tomorrow,