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There’s this pullup bar on my bedroom door…pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Normally I use it while I’m waiting for images to import or something.

Samantha Stewart by David Bickley Photography

Well yesterday I had the bright idea to make a rule for myself saying that every time I went either in or out of my bedroom I had to crank out 10 pullups.

Today I put that into practice.

The issue here is that my bathroom is also in that room so every time I need to take care of business…that’s 20 pullups unless I choose not to leave my room once I’m in there. After a grand total of something around 120 pullups today I pretty much hate myself for coming up with this. Thankfully I had the foresight to impose a 9pm cutoff for this idiocy so things are safe now. Still, as much as it sucked I think it’s something I’ll keep trying to do for a bit.

If nothing else I can say this much about it.

I certainly learned to make sure I had everything before I left the room. A 40 rep forget-fest had me cursing like a sailor.

See you tomorrow,